EPC is our aim

company operating in the field of
industrial design
and construction of
structural metalwork"

We are based in Massa Carrara, in the industrial area, the nerve centre of all production and marketing activities in Tuscany.

For years on the national and international market, always ready to meet even the most particular needs of the customer, we are able to offer cutting-edge design, implementation and construction technology thanks to modern machinery and highly qualified personnel.

The company offers a highly professional team, constantly updated in terms of regulations and certifications, guaranteeing production and quality at the highest level and incredible durability performance.

Structural Metal Carpentry

STEELWORKS designs and manufactures steel elements that form the load-bearing structure of a work, with all the requirements of the standard for working with steel and steel load-bearing structures.

The structural materials are certified and provided with a traceability guarantee, with the utmost attention to safety and stability, relying on quality materials, complying with the UNI EN 1090 standards that came into force in July 2014. We are able to supply the following structural metalwork products;
  • construction and installation of walkways;
  • shelters;
  • emergency stairs, safety stairs and fire escapes;
  • interior staircases;
  • mezzanines, superstructures, decks;
  • substructures for cladding, substructures for facades;
  • load-bearing frameworks for industrial buildings and structures for civil construction;
  • a wide range of building structures.

Structural metalwork is used in sectors such as:

  • classic industrial environments (warehouses, construction sites, production plants);
  • large-scale distribution;
  • agricultural, livestock, civil and public sectors.
STEELWORKS ENGINEERING is the in-house team of Engineers and Designers who take care of the design process from analysis of the construction problem, definition of objectives, feasibility studies, scale construction drawings to final realisation. Here are some examples of the services we can offer:
  • Feasibility
  • Preliminary design and layout
  • Design of machinery and
  • Reverse engineering
  • Industrial design
  • Machine and machinery redesign
  • Structural analysis
  • 3D solid modelling
  • 3D rapid prototyping
  • Technical consultancy
  • Project management
  • NDT – Non destructive testing
  • Quality Management
  • FEM analysis P&I – Process and instrumentation diagram PFD – Process flow diagram

The team uses the latest design and rendering software, which allows us to manage the different stages of design and prototyping, through to static calculations and more structured controls for complex constructions.

We have years of experience in designing for the following sectors:

  • Construction sector
  • Industrial sector
  • Engineering sector

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