About us

STEELWORKS was born from the idea of bringing together a group of technicians to make available to public and private entities, design studios (architectural, civil, industrial and plant engineering) and construction companies their technical and professional skills gained over several years of activity.

Mutual sharing of the common purpose, a working style based on a commitment to continuous scientific updating, the use of state-of-the-art equipment and software, and special attention to the needs of clients, contribute to the completion of the technical expertise that individual professionals are able to express.


Hard Skills

Everything you need,

in one partner.

One solution, one supplier.

Specific Knowledge

The fusion of skills gained through years of work and the continuous scientific updating also resulting from the link with the world of academia, thanks to the new energies that we constantly implement in our staff, ensures that we can offer efficient and effective services with an increasingly wide range of activities.

Constant Update

We believe that the fundamental cornerstones of any business (including technical ones) are COMPETENCE and TRAINING: this is why we are constantly looking for innovative and efficient solutions that enable us to provide a state-of-the-art product by training our in-house staff day after day, aware that only staying one step ahead in the market can make us the best partners of our clients.
Soluzioni personalizzate - SteelWorks

Customized Solutions

We develop solutions targeted to specific client needs.   In-depth analysis and customized development enable us to more effectively achieve the goals our discerning clients set for us on a daily basis.


Constantly evolving know-how, motivated by the perceived satisfaction of customers with the service provided, has led us to explore new technologies to make them a tool for growth.  A close-knit team, the use of state-of-the-art hardware and software, and the presence of experienced employees and partners make our company able to propose the most appropriate solution to the Client.


Dialogue with clients and their trust is a priority for us.  That is why our approach is marked by the search for maximum transparency starting with the formulation of the offer, which includes the precise definition of the work objectives, the time frame and the total cost of the intervention.


The world has changed the way we live and work. Unexpected events and macro trends such as rapid urbanization and climate change are putting pressure on communities, cities and resources around the world. As a company, we want to minimize our environmental impact by harnessing the enormous potential of technology at our disposal to develop solutions capable of addressing today’s global challenges. We focus on how to improve the way resources are used and sourced, how to develop the whole design part, and how to implement it.



We are distinguished by the talent and passion of our resources, our unique skill set covering the entire project lifecycle, our deep knowledge of the market sector, and our ability to seamlessly integrate health and safety, sustainability, and digital components into the design of our solutions worldwide.


We take care of each other and create a safe and respectful work environment in which our employees can grow, work and succeed.


Our customers’ success is our source of inspiration, which we cultivate through insight, agility and innovation to create added value.


We always work in accordance with the highest ethical and professional standards and establish a relationship of trust with an open, honest and responsible attitude.


We base our customer- and community-facing actions on environmental responsibility and social and economic progress.


We appreciate the power of diversity and our global capabilities and achieve excellence inspired by common principles and goals.